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Rising damp and sub floor ventilation - Sydney's leading specialist - Eastern Suburbs Waterproofing Service.

For over 30 years DAMP has successfully resolved rising damp and sub floor ventilation issues and provided damp proofing services in the eastern suburbs. Call Luca on 0418 220 727 now for a free consultation , or email: damp@damp.com.au.
Eastern Suburbs Waterproofing Service ensures the comfort of homes and businesses in Sydney 's Eastern Suburbs. DAMP specializes in developing the most energy efficient design possible to suit a particular property. Tailor made rising damp and sub floor ventilation solutions involve solar energy and natural ventilation which, along with regular air conditioning systems, provide a continuous comfortable fresh air environment with no rising damp! Using environmentally friendly solutions wherever possible DAMP provides :

Rising damp, allergy causing dust and mould problems are a thing of the past, without the need for a damp course, for properties of any age, with DAMP cost effective sub-floor ventilation systems. The discomfort of hot attic environments are resolved using solar powered roof ventilation systems, an DAMP specialty.

DAMP looks forward to hearing from you to assist with cooling your environment, fixing rising damp, providing sub floor ventilaion, and to cutting greenhouse gas emissions for the benefit of the global environment, as promoted by the Federal Government through the GreenSmart system.

DAMP now offers a specialised service for school air quality through its School Ventilation Australia initiative, see >> School Ventilation Australia

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